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Having been in crypto for more than 1100+ days and seen what works, I can sum up how to succeed using the few lines below.

[Become a Successful Cryptocian]

The secret sauce to be a successful crypto user is owing first, Bitcoin or Ethereum in your wallet for appreciation and accumulation based on the market demand and supply chain curves. 


Having been in crypto, before my eyes, I saw BTC rose from $1300 to $3,200. And today? $8,100+ (as of the time of documentation). This demand curve is the reason with over 43 million crypto traders worldwide, among those 43 million crypto traders, more than 35% are Americans (15.3 million, a number confirmed by the Crypto Market Journal mentioning an estimated 5% of Americans holding bitcoin).


If you are an American, you can start afresh – a new beginning for you today as a crypto investor. If you want to join the 5%, the best place for beginners’ you can easily get BTC or ETH is You will get a $10 bonus if you invest at least $100.


Alternatively, another 2 steps-safe place to buy Bitcoin is at Binance.US – the crypto platform is specially made for Americans. The good thing here is that you can get your BTC in just 2 steps using your credit card. Plus, you get a $15 welcome bonus if you verify your account.


Not from the US? No Problem…


If you are not from the US, you can still make your first investment in crypto by buying BTC or ETH from


Having used Luno for a long time now, the beginner friendly + easiness and simplicity they offer for beginners is compared to using Here is Luno Crypto Place.  

[Secure your Crypto Investment(s)]

We’ve heard of exit scams, crypto hacks, and other disturbing crypto losses stories. Truth is, you should be tired of it cause millions of other cryptocians are. If you must be safe, you need a reliable + hacker’s-proof BTC wallet to properly safeguard your crypto investment(s).


Of course, if you leave your Crypto on Coinbase, Binance.US or Luno, they are all safe, but what if something happens? Don’t get me wrong. I have used Coinbase for ages now – because they have a barricaded crypto vault security. However, that story is as good as when nothing happens. Therefore, to be a step further you need to take care of your investment by getting a credible crypto wallet – a hardware wallet.


The experts + best-recommended crypto hardware wallet to use is Ledger Nano X. There are 2 Ledgers – Nano X and Nano S. If you want to manage thousands of cryptocurrencies you might end up investing tomorrow or later, the best out of the 2 wallets is Ledger Nano X.  #Please be safe.

[Scaling To Be A Successful Crypto User]

Have you ever heard of the term “Crypto Influencer”? This is a person that can influence the crypto market based on the voice he has, and most of the times this is measured based on the crypto portfolio/investment he or she has.


The only best or fast way to scaling your crypto success is trading. Although you might need a bit of patience to grow your account steadily as I did, doubling my trading account.


The exchange I recommend and I used for this is I like it because it has both Basic & Advanced” trading sections for beginners and advanced users, respectively.


However, if you want to grab a few bucks, you can use If you register as a new user you will get $10 as a welcome package to scale your trading.  

But what if you are a total beginner and can’t trade?

If you can’t trade, just invest and be safe. I don’t recommend you force your way to it.


If you still want to, I recommend you take your time and learn, or better still, use a recommended automation tool as other thousands of crypto users and let the tool take care of the high influential market trading technicalities for you. 


A great crypto trading automation tool as recommended by experts is the Hopper Bot by You can get a free trial on CryptoHopper.

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