Top 3 Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Companies To Use + Total Guide To Crypto Wallet Development


We recently looked at the Cryptocurrency Exchange Development. I will encourage you to check it out if you are yet to.

Today we want to see a total guide To Cryptocurrency Wallet Development and the top-recommended companies you can build a crypto wallet with.


The Buildup of a Good Crypto Wallet 

It’s worthy to say that a good crypto wallet should be reliable, secure, trustworthy and user-friendly. Why is this important?
According to a crypto user, Jarrijareed, he lost over $170K.

He said, it’s not even about losing 170K it’s about losing a wallet with that much money in BTC. It’s there but you cannot use it.

While we don’t always focus on this – it is, however, important to note that 170,000$ in a hot wallet is not a wise step to take.

I mean, I have always used for keeping my cryptos since 2016, but truth is, it is not wise to use a hot wallet when you can get a cheap hardware wallet like Ledger to use


Understanding Bitcoin Wallet App Development

A Bitcoin wallet app is a perfect solution for Bitcoin traders.

Why should you build a Bitcoin wallet app?

  • Easy to use
  • Facilitates the process to send and receive Bitcoins
  • Allows access to your Bitcoins anytime, anywhere


Understanding Desktop Wallet Development

A desktop wallet is one of the safest options to send, receive and store cryptocurrencies, especially when it is not connected to the internet.

Why should you build a desktop wallet?

  • More secure – private keys are not stored on a third-party server
  • Easy to use
  • Does not need internet connectivity to operate when used as a cold storage


Understanding Web Wallet Development

A web wallet also referred to as an online wallet, allows access to cryptocurrency via the internet. You can send, receive or access your crypto assets as long as the web wallet is connected to the internet.

Why should you build a web wallet?

  • Enables fast transactions
  • Facilitates management of multiple cryptocurrencies
  • Perfect to store minimal cryptocurrency
  • Convenient to use on the go

Having said the above,  and before we consider the recommended Top 3 Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Companies To use let’s see the features to look at for while choosing a crypto wallet.


The Top 10+ Features of a Good Cryptocurrency Wallet

Choosing Cryptocurrency Exchange Development company

#1. Multi-coin and multi-asset

Native support for Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. Facilitates seamless integration of altcoins and tokens as per business needs, making it the best multi cryptocurrency wallet.


#2. Enhanced Privacy and Anonymity

No registration or KYC is required for users to access their funds.


#3. Cross-Platform Compatibility

A good crypto wallet should support iOS, Android, Windows and Linux thereby providing wallet users with a highly-secure and flexible infrastructure that can be accessed on any device, anywhere.


#4. QR Code Scanner

QR code scanner allows automatic scanning of wallet address, thereby simplifying exchange of cryptocurrencies in a single click.


#5. NFC (Near Field Communication) Support

Accelerates exchange of digital assets between buyers and sellers. As the sender taps NFC tag on the wallet, it automatically fetches buyer’s wallet address and processes the transaction.


#6. Multi-Layer Security

A good crypto wallet should wallet should be reinforced with market-leading security features to achieve a secure infrastructure to send, receive and store multiple crypto assets.


#7.  Auto Denial of Duplicate Payments

The wallet must automatically detect duplicate payments and denies the same to completely avoid any chargebacks.


#8. Automatic Conversion Rates

It must allow users to view the balance and transferred amount in USD, GBP, AUD, and other fiat currencies.


#9. User-Friendly

The self-explanatory interface advances ease of use for both beginners and experienced cryptocurrency traders.


#10. Easy Portfolio Management

Keep tabs on current transactions and view transaction history at a glance.


#11. Home Screen Customization

Scroll through the spectrum of cryptocurrencies and toggle them on and off to add them to your home screen.


#12. Link to Any Crypto Exchange

Security is critical to every successful cryptocurrency exchange therefore, greatly developed wallets should be linked to any crypto exchange, providing unparalleled, multi-layer security.

Ref: Insights on Wallet Developments& features is from


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Things to Consider when Choosing Crypto Wallet Development Company

Choosing Cryptocurrency Exchange Development company

You will agree with me that there are some criteria a Bitcoin Wallet Development Company must possess before you use or test their services out. Some of the basic requirements are as follows.

1. Company Reputation or Brand

A recommended assertion here is that the company you would be choosing for wallet development should be trustworthy and reliable. The main things you want to look out for include:

  • Who is running the company (team of experts?)
  • Whether they store data on their server
  • Who has the custody of your wallet’s private key
  • Prior dealings of development practices
  • Data management practices
  • Process of solving glitches


2.  Security features

It’s not surprising anymore because crypto exchange hacks are a case today. With the current state in Crypto, security has become a paramount characteristic for any customized and white label bitcoin wallet. Therefore, the crucial; security features an altcoin development wallet company should integrate into each built wallet include:

  • Biometric authentication
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Password-protected access
  • Optimal session logout
  • Multi-signature support

Read on at – 10 Things to Consider when Choosing a Bitcoin Wallet Development Company


Best 3 Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Companies To Use

First things first. We ain’t recommending these platforms meaning, you want to do your research + what you will read below right? Good.


#3. Skalex

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

We’ve already talked about Skales here. Skalex is a global Blockchain software company, specialized in developing white label crypto exchange platforms.


Cryptocurrency Wallet Development With Skalex

Apart from the fact that you can develop your own cryptocurrency exchange with its source code, with Skalex, you can develop a cryptocurrency wallet. For instance, Skalex has built a multicurrency wallet known as cxWallet.

The cxWallet is the multicurrency wallet module that stores all cryptocurrency funds. If an exchange offers three tradeable cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin), the cxWallet will contain three separate wallets. Each wallet will be synced up with each cryptocurrency’s respective blockchain.


Using Skalex As A Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

While I haven’t used Skalex services, what I can say is that they have a robust platform, in that, you can join its forum and learn more. Also, you are provided with Video Tutorials in case you love video content.

Visit Skalex


#2. Antiers Solutions

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Antiers Solutions is a Cryptocurrency Wallet Development company. According to its website, more than 200 businesses have relied on our turnkey solution to build their crypto wallet.

This companies won’t just build a customized wallet for you but also guide you on how to develop a Bitcoin wallet app and multi-cryptocurrency wallet that helps you accomplish your goals.


Using Antiers Solutions As A Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

I haven’t used Antier Solutions either yet, I like what I see on their website. Here are some of the stuff that makes it sensible to work with them.

#1.  Personalized Solutions

Antiers customized solutions coupled with mission-driven approach define their clients’ trajectory for wallet development.

That is to say, whether you need want to build a wallet or simply comprehend how to create a Bitcoin wallet app, they deliver comprehensive development and consulting solutions to help you tap into the wallet market.


#2. Security Implementation

Her cyber security knowledge and deep industry expertise enable them to deliver highly-secure wallets that are reinforced with industry-leading security features, allaying the chances of fraudulent activities.

Also, Antiers are trusted with security implementations – be it app security or server security.

Visit antiersolutions.


#1. Blockchainappfactory


Blockchainappfactory is another excellent and secure white label multi-cryptocurrency wallet app development service.


Using Blockchainappfactory As A Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

Without doubts, Blockchainappfactory is a massive company as far as cryptos white labelling is concerned.

Here are some of the reasons you want to use them.

#a. Blockchain App Factory excels in employing disruptive technologies after intensive research and discovering new possibilities every day.

#b. Her well-equipped development team focuses on delivering quality products to its clients by offering customizable and innovative solutions.

#c. Experience and skill are not scarce at Blockchain App Factory. The developers can guide clients through the whole process until you receive a product that exceeds your expectations.

Visit blockchainappfactory


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Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Pricing

Wallet Type: Ethereum Wallet Development

Price: 1.5 BTC


  • Secured Authentication & Authorization
  • Send and Receive Function
  • Billing and Invoice
  • Admin Panel       
  • Windows/Linux/Mac Wallet.

There is another wallet at a price tag of 3 BTC. It contains more features. Visit blockchainappfactory for a breakdown.


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Final Notes on Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Cryptocurrency wallet is a software functionality allowing users to earn, monitor and transfer virtual currencies. Unlike existing banks or pocket wallets that store physical currencies, cryptocurrencies can only be recorded as transactions on the blockchain technology.

If a cryptocurrency is transferred to the wallet it means that the ownership of the currency is signed off to a dedicated wallet’s address. Cryptocurrency wallet development is a requisite for the effective exchange of cryptocurrencies.

How to unlock the fund?

In order to use or unlock the fund, the private key of the wallet must match the public address of the currency it is assigned to.

That is all we can take today on crypto wallet development.

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