How To Claim Bitcoin Diamond In 5 Steps For Beginners In 2020

Claim Bitcoin Diamond

How do you claim bitcoin diamond as a total beginner? While the steps to claiming bitcoin diamond can be technical, the good news is that these simple steps will help you out in a bit of time.


Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin Diamond Claim

Just as highlighted above, bitcoin diamond claim might be technical which also requires some work. Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) coin is supported by bitcoin_fork_claimer which provides another route to going about the process.

The method above is risky, meaning if you mistype anything you can lose all your coins.

Basically, this method requires two modes of operation – assisted mode and standalone mode.

  • In mode it uses the API to query and validate information about the transaction you’re spending from. This only works for transferring/claiming coins that existed on the BTC main chain pre-fork.
  • In standalone mode the user provides all the information including transaction source output index and the number of satoshis in the source output – there is no verification done, but this mode allows you to transfer coins that are entirely on-fork.

Unless you’re a programmer, then you must be opening your eyes wide. With this in mind, we will only a simple way to bitcoin diamond claim.

But before we answer the question of ‘how do I claim my bitcoin diamond?” let’s consider the Ledger claim Method.


How To Claim Bitcoin Diamond On Ledger?

Should you have a Ledger wallet the process will be similar as you can use any other wallet.

Here is how to get Ledger Wallet


How To Claim Bitcoin Diamond with Trezor?

Sure. Just as you can use the Ledger wallet for it, you can equally use the Trezor wallet to claim Bitcoin Diamond.


Tools You Need To Claim Bitcoin Diamond

1.       Bitpie

Bitpie is one of the crypto industry-leading multi-blockchain (BTC/ETH/EOS/USDT etc.) wallet. They provide safe assets management and DApps for users worldwide.

2.    Bluestacks

Bluestacks is a Virtual Android emulator that helps us to install Android Apps on Windows running PCs, Laptops and Mac Os devices.

3.    Get your Crypto wallet

Here you can use any crypto wallet at your disposal. Need to creating such? Here are all our Crypto Guides.

How To Claim Bitcoin Diamond In 5 Steps as a Beginner

Claim Bitcoin Diamond

Step 1. Download all the Tools listed

Go ahead and download all the tools listed above. All of them are free, so, no worries.


Step 2. Sweep your Coins

Sweep all your coins into another hardware wallet or similar wallet.

Claim Bitcoin Diamond

Step 3. Import your Seed

Go ahead and import your (now empty) seed into Bither under HDM account recovery. This will then synchronize and show you balance of BCD and SBTC and also BTW


Step 4. Get BCD

Go ahead and click to get BCD (it then asks you for a bitpie bcd address).


Step 5. Send it to an Exchange

Send the bitcoin diamond to an exchange. Binance here or Coinbase here.


Step 6. Cash out

Cash-out the crypto to fiat. If you use Coinbase you can easily cash it out as fiat.

You can also use this method for Super Bitcoin (SBTC).


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Other top ways to Claim Bitcoin

  1. Using Ymgve’s bitcoin_fork_claimer Ubuntu

You can use Ymgve’s bitcoin_fork_claimer on an Ubuntu Live DVD Temporary Session.

  1. Ymgve’s bitcoin_fork_claimer – Tails

You can also use Ymgve’s bitcoin_fork_claimer on a TAILS Live DVD Temporary Session.

  1. Ymgve’s bitcoin_fork_claimer – Windows

You can also use Ymgve’s bitcoin_fork_claimer from Windows.


Where can you buy Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)?

You can purchase Bitcoin Diamond on Binance Exchange.

How to do it?

 First, buy BTC from, transfer it to, and buy Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) easily.


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Buying guide: How To Buy Bitcoin (BTC) In USA On Coinbase In 3 Steps in 2020


Final Note on BCD Claiming

Those were the little steps to claiming Bitcoin Diamond, the fork of Bitcoin that seeks to add more transaction capacity to the network. And of course, there are ten times more BCD than Bitcoin.


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