This guide will take you step-by-step thereby showing you how to successfully buy any amount of Bitcoin (BTC) on LocalBitcoins from any states in America using just 3 steps.

How to buy Bitcoin (BTC) on LocalBitcoins is made simple due to the simple steps offered on the crypto exchange.


On LocalBitcoins you do not just buy and sell bitcoins near you, you will buy any amount of bitcoins instantly and secure. Also, you can trade bitcoins in over 7917 cities and 248 countries of the world.

Using LocalBitcoins to Purchase Bitcoin (BTC)

Localbitcoins is a universal person-to-person bitcoin exchange that gives everyone the opportunity to trade bitcoin.


Based in Finland, on you are dealing with humans, and because it is a decentralized exchange, you get your bitcoins instantly.


Over the years, they have recorded a vast number of traders based on their reputation and a simple & beginner interface. And as a matter of fact, at localbitcoins, you are not limited to 1 or 3 payment options.


You are simply open to different kinds of convenient payment methods, remember, you can even buy bitcoin from you, next street neighbor, if at all, he’s selling his bitcoin at LocalBitcoins.


Lastly, on LocalBitcoins you can use over 20 payment methods to buy bitcoin easily and near you. That’s a good thing.

How to Buy Bitcoin (BTC) on LocalBitcoins as an American


Create an account on

Visit, and create a new account for the BTC purchase.  


Verify your identity in a few minutes

Verification is important to prevent identity theft or fraud. All you’ll need to present is a simple photo ID to make sure it’s really you.


Buy Bitcoin Successfully

You can now go ahead and purchase the BTC using either debit card, bank account or any of the over 20 preferred payment methods offered on LocalBitcoins.

Beginners Tutorial on How To Buy Bitcoin (BTC) On LocalBitcoins from USA In 3-5 Steps

Let’s see how to easily make a purchase of BTC on LocalBitcoins.


Observation: Always use the most verified and 5 stars seller.


Create an account on

How To Buy Bitcoin (BTC) On LocalBitcoins from USA

Create your LocalBitcoins Account in 15 seconds.


Verify your LocalBitcoins Account

Go to your email used and click the verification link sent to it. Login and move on to verify your identity to enable purchase.


“Once your ID is verified with LocalBitcoins you will be able to buy and sell Bitcoins from many more traders”.

Buy Bitcoin (BTC) On LocalBitcoins In USA

ID verification will only take a couple of minutes. And you can easily do this using either a passport, photo identity card, or a driver’s license.

Buy Bitcoin (BTC) On LocalBitcoins from USA

That’s all.


Select a buyer and purchase the Bitcoin

Buy Bitcoin (BTC) On LocalBitcoins from USA

Move on.


Select a Payment Method and get BTC

Go ahead and choose the payment method as made available by the seller.

Buy Bitcoin (BTC) On LocalBitcoins from USA

Move on to the last step.


Send Payment & Buy Bitcoin (BTC) successfully

After sending the send trade request, the seller will contact you where your transaction will be done and dusted that’s it.


Once you have made the payment, click the “I have paid” button.

Buy Bitcoin (BTC) On LocalBitcoins from USA

Once the trader has verified that your payment has been received, your Bitcoin will be released from escrow and they are instantly available in your LocalBitcoins wallet.


And that’s all there is to it, congratulations on your first Bitcoin trade on LocalBitcoins!

Video Tutorials on Buying Bitcoins from

If you need a video guide on how to buying Bitcoins from LocalBitcoins click bow to see.

Final Note

There is no doubt that LocalBitcoins is a great universal Bitcoin exchange where everyone in the world can jump in and get any amount of Bitcoins.


However, as an American, you can simply pay for Bitcoin on LocalBitcoins using so many payment options.


With over 20+ payment options, you can decide to use the popular payment route which is PayPal and Cash deposit. 


Lastly, one of the things that have drawn over a million customers to LocalBitcoins is the simplicity and varsity of payment methods. If you don’t believe me, then you know what to do! I’ve shown you how to use LocalBitcoins.


Get started for Free on LocalBitcoins!

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