THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO BUYING BITCOIN (BTC) or Other Cryptocurrencies on Binance.US IN USA

This guide will take you step-by-step thereby showing you how to successfully buy any amount of Bitcoin (BTC) or cryptocurrencies using Binance.US

The United States of American Binance crypto exchange popularly known as Binance.US now lets users buy cryptocurrency with debit cards.


In its first 40 days since launching, the American digital asset marketplace, Binance.US, jumped to $20 million in daily trading volume and increased token listings from seven to 24 tokens, bringing a total of 40 trading pairs to U.S. users.

Announcing on Nov. 1, Binance.US admitted that the exchange will now offer its customers the possibility to purchase cryptocurrencies with a debit card, joining existing U.S. dollar on-ramp and off-ramps, including the automated clearinghouse (ACH) and bank wire.


It should be noted that Binance.US is different from Why is this? The Binance.US is the home of digital assets specially dedicated to all United States of American crypto users.


So, as far as your state is approved to work with Binance.US, they’ve got you fully covered to buying your first Bitcoin (BTC) or any other cryptocurrencies of your choice.

Using Binance.US to Purchase Bitcoin (BTC)

Binance.US is a fast, secure and reliable digital asset marketplace that launched in late September, and now offers access to buy and sell the following digital assets.


Currently, Binance.US has increased its ACH (Automated Clearing House) limits for USD deposits and withdrawals, allowing American users the ability to send up to $5,000 through their initial ACH deposit.


To buy Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies on Binance.US, all you need is your debit card and you’re done.

How to Buy Bitcoin (BTC) on Binance.US as an American

These are the only few steps you need to buy Bitcoin (BTC) on Binance US.


Create an account on Binance.US

Visit  www.binance.US and create a new account for the BTC purchase & GET FREE $15.


Verify your identity in a few minutes

Verification is important to prevent identity theft or fraud. Click the link sent to your email account.


Buy Bitcoin Successfully

You can now go ahead and purchase the BTC using your debit card.

Beginners Tutorial on How To Buy Bitcoin (BTC) In USA On Binance.US In 3-5 Steps


Create an account on Binance.US

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Create your Binance.US Account in 15 seconds and get free $15.


Verify your Binance.US Account

Go to your email used and click the verification link sent to it.

Verify your Binance.US Account


(Get another FREE $15 when you complete fiat account verification).


Verify your Binance.US Account


Verify your Identify in 20 seconds 

You can easily verify your Binance.US account using either a passport, photo identity card, or a driver’s license.

Verify your Binance.US Account

We’re almost done. Let’s move on to fund our trading account.


Fund your account

Click on “Deposit” to fund the account using your debit card with the amount you wish to purchase BTC. 

Buy Bitcoin (BTC) In USA On Binance.US

Here is a simple video guide to Binance.US account funds depositing.  We are done here.

Let’s move on to the last step.


Buy Bitcoin (BTC) successfully

Click on Buy Bitcoin in your account.

Buy bitcoin on Binance US


Enter Amount and Buy BTC

Select the payment method you wish to use and click on “Buy Bitcoin”.

Buy bitcoin on Binance US


Receive your Bitcoin (BTC) successfully

Your Bitcoin (BTC) purchase should be successful. Refresh your dashboard and see the funded BTC sitting comfortably in your account.


That is how to successfully buy Bitcoin as an American using Binance.US crypto exchange.

Final Note

Binance.US is a great and simple platform for Americans to jump in and PURCHASE bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies traded there. And anyone can simply do this with his/her debit card.


Talking about its debit card BTC purchase,

When it launched Debit Card Payments, Binance.US gained momentum in the first month which the effect was seen as they exceeded $15 million daily trading volume.


So, when looking for a simple place to buy Bitcoin in the USA with a Debit card, Apart from Coinbase and Luno, Binance.US is your best bet.


That is all about the simple of Buying Bitcoin (BTC) with a debit Card on Binance.US or, don’t believe me, then you know what to do! I’ve shown you how to use Binance.US.


Register on Binance.US & get free $15.

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