This guide will take you step-by-step thereby showing you how to successfully buy any amount of Bitcoin (BTC) on Coinbase using just 3 steps.

How to buy BTC from any states in the USA is made simple using Coinbase crypto exchange. With Coinbase you can get as little as $25 in crypto. But you want to get at least $100 so as to get an extra $10 bonus.


Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange is a well-known, secured and insured crypto platform where millions of users trade daily.


So far, Coinbase has raised over $200 million from the world’s leading investors including the likes of Rabbit Capital, Adam Draper, and more.

Buy Bitcoin (BTC) In USA On Coinbase

Whether you want to buy bitcoin on Coinbase instantly or for the first time, the minimalist Coinbase’s website is easy for all: beginners and advanced crypto users.

Using Coinbase to Buy BTC in USA

I have used Coinbase for over 4 years now, (since 2016) and all I can say is that they are the simplest beginner’s friendly crypto platform for anyone, from anywhere or from the United States of America to buy Bitcoin in a simple and safe way.


Let’s see how to buy your first bitcoin using Coinbase exchange from the States.

How to Buy Bitcoin (BTC) on Coinbase


Create an account on Coinbase.com

Visit www.coinbase.com, and create a new account for the BTC purchase.  


Verify your identity in a few minutes

Verification is important to prevent identity theft or fraud. All you’ll need to present is a simple photo ID to make sure it’s really you. Also, this is a gateway to receive your $10 when you buy at least $100.


Buy Bitcoin Successfully

You can now go ahead and purchase the BTC using either debit card or bank account.

Beginners Tutorial on How To Buy Bitcoin (BTC) In USA On Coinbase In 3-5 Steps


Create an account on Coinbase

Buy Bitcoin (BTC) In USA On Coinbase

Create your Coinbase Account in 15 seconds.


Verify your Coinbase Account

Go to your email used and click the verification link sent to it. Then receive a code and verify your phone number.



Verify your Identify in 20 seconds 

You can easily verify your Coinbase account using either a passport, photo identity card, or a driver’s license.


Move on.


Select a Payment Method and get BTC

To add your payment method, you can choose either Bank Account by linking your account to your bank locally, or, you have the option to use a credit card as well.

Buy Bitcoin (BTC) In USA On Coinbase

Move on to the last step.


Buy Bitcoin (BTC) successfully

Enter the amount of Bitcoin (BTC) you wish to buy and make the purchase. Done…

Buy Bitcoin In USA On Coinbase



That is how to successfully buy Bitcoin as an American using Coinbase crypto exchange.

Final Note

There is no doubt that Coinbase is a safe and one of the best places to buy Bitcoin. Coinbase has really stood gallantly for years now based on the simplicity & community base/support of the company.


More so, it is an Industry-leading security exchange, meaning your crypto and personal info are safe.


So that is how to buy (BTC) in the USA on Coinbase using just 3 or 5 Steps.


Coinbase has millions of happy customers all over the world. They use Coinbase because it’s simple, insured and secure.

If you don’t believe me, then you know what to do! I’ve shown you how to use Coinbase.


Get started for Free! Extra $10 for you

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